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Aqua Design System Co., Ltd. When I was little, I saw a television program showing the life of people in a developing country who had to use murky brown water from a nearby river. It made such an impression on me that I eventually entered the water purification business. My company has been manufacturing water purification systems since 2008, and has experience overseas in purifying well water as well as in providing potable water when flooding disrupts water supplies. We have been proactively improving our products in preparation for the predicted Nankai Trough Earthquake.
The company currently manufactures 15 types of products, including portable purification systems, seawater desalination equipment, systems mounted on tractors to reach distant water sources such as rivers and the sea, and even equipment that is connected directly to fire trucks.
The water purification system first removes impurities in the water, which is then filtered through reverse osmotic membranes at 60 kg of pressure, followed by ultraviolet sterilization to finally make it potable. We use our ingenuity to develop original designs to make our generators, caterpillar tractors and diesel engines as compact as possible, and manufacture quality products that function reliably in times of disaster.