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Sudo Tekkosho Co., Ltd.   Founded in 1825 as a blacksmith’s shop, Sudo Tekkosho now manufactures a diverse lineup of products as an ironworks. With an extensive range of orders from customers, Sudo Tekkosho’s strength lies in our ability to create products based on a wealth of experience, even without blueprints or drawings. 
  Our 1TON Stage came to light when Fujiesu Co., Ltd., one of our group companies, needed a stage to place materials for the construction of a cableway(*) in order to build a steel tower on a mountain. Able to be assembled manually in any shape without the use of heavy machinery, the 1TON Stage can be installed on uneven terrain or ground with poor footing without the need for foundation work. Each part weighs less than 50 kg and can be transported by two people for easy assembly and removal. Measuring 3.6 x 3.6m2, each stage can hold between 20 to 30 parts up to one ton and can be connected together. During the development stage, we considered how to keep costs down and create a more lightweight product, and are looking to take up the issue of easy use in the future. The 1TON Stage has, in the past, been specifically sold to electric power-related companies; however, we believe that its ability to be applied in places where heavy machinery cannot be used will also play an instrumental role in post-disaster recovery work.
  We will continue to develop products for disaster management and prevention, with the belief that our positive, “can-do” attitude towards the needs of our customers will become the “hope for tomorrow.”
(*)Cableway: Equipment used to aerially transport construction materials with the suspension of a carrier on wire ropes.

Ko Sudo, Representative Director, Sudo Tekkosho Co., Ltd.