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Reegle Co., Ltd.   Reegle was founded to utilize our knowledge as architects to find solutions to social issues that look beyond design.
One such project, the “Giraffe Unit,” is a certified disaster management and prevention product, so named for its giraffe-like shape. Emerging from the angle of designing disaster management and prevention products from “locally available and everyday wood,” this idea focuses on the selection of cedar and cypress materials in logging season not only from Kochi Prefecture, but also all over the country. 
  The Giraffe Unit can usually be used in interior design and furniture in public facilities, while in a disaster, it can be combined (without the need for tools) and set up on site as partitions by hanging cloth or as benches and beds, without the need for storage space in a design characterized by the gentle curve and appearance of wood.
  The Giraffe Unit has been designed to make it easier to insert joints and provide strength through friction. Certified as a disaster management and prevention product, the unit can also be used like an educational toy, both during a disaster as well as in spaces designed for children and offices, event booths, and other phase-free(*) spaces, to help people become more familiar with “lifestyles where wood can be enjoyingly combined and transformed for use in various ways.” 
(*)Phase-free: Freeing up the two elements of everyday and non-ordinary so that responses can be developed for both.

Ko Yokobatake (Representative Director), Kosei Kitazoe (Representative Director), Reegle Co., Ltd.