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WET TOWEL For Urgent Disaster WET TOWEL For Urgent Disaster(BIG) Products for individuals, general customers
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We imagined what we’d wish to have in an emergency, and made it a reality.

This 100% cotton wet towel can easily clean anytime with just one wipe. Guaranteed to keep for six years, it’s perfect for disaster situations when water is scarce. Good for personal hygiene when bathing is not an option. Safe for children’s sensitive skin. Designed for stockpiling in case of emergency. After use, it can be washed and used as a regular towel.

Wet towel for urgent disaster:
Towel: 1 white
Package dimensions: W110mm×H190mm
Towel dimensions: W260mm×H260mm

Wet towel for urgent disaster BIG:
Towel: 1 white
Package dimensions: W170mm×H250mm
Towel dimensions: W350mm×H840mm

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