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Smart Rocket Table-type Cooking Stove
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products29 高知防産第 3 号
High firepower in a short time! Stove that can also use wood debris as fuel
When electricity and gas is cutoff in mountainous areas where rescue takes time


Daily living


In Minamicho in Kaifu District of Tokushima Prefecture, personal use

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • Whole table heats up and multiple pots can be used at once
  • Can be stored for transport, and easily assembled and disassembled into parts
  • Wood debris and trees from a disaster can also be used as fuel

Size: 57cm W×39cm D×45cm H / Weight: 15 ㎏

●Heat Riser
Size: 20cm W×20cm D×43.5cm H / Weight: 9.5 ㎏

Size: 106mm ø×45cm H, 2 pcs.

●Table Type Stove
Size: 92.5cm W×47.5cm D×80cm H / Weight: 17 ㎏

●Stove Accessories
・Table Lid, Trivet for open fires, Rice Pot, Rice Pot Lid
*Separate oven available

Reference price: 200,000 yen *Separate oven 60,000 yen

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