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Offshore Crane
Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products
An offshore crane that contributes to preventing disasters in coastal areas
• Wanting to carry out precautious measures against storm surges and tsunami at a port or along a coast • Wanting to speedily perform restoration work during/after a natural disaster


Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

Adopted/Purchased by

Port/harbor civil engineering companies nationwide

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • A strong and flexible crane that maintains stable performance even in harsh environments offshore
  • Used in all kinds of maritime construction work, including normal crane lifting, grab dredging, and rock crushing
  • Offers excellent controllability and ensures a high level of safety, allowing highly efficient operations

• Maximum lifting capacity—main hoist: 700 tons x 16 m
• Maximum grab capacity (series winding): 160 tons
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