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Soil Liquefaction Preventive and Earthquake Resistant Water Tank UN-FLOAT40
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products30 高知防産第 4 号
No problem even if the soil liquefies! Non-floating water tank
Securing fire protection even if the soil is liquefied by disaster



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Why it does not float

Soil liquefaction prevention structure outline

When the ground liquefies, this product collects excess pore water pressure generated at the bottom of the water tank to the drain vents at four sides of the main body, and discharges it to the ground, suppressing buoyancy while keeping the water tank balanced.
This structure was a joint research project with the Disaster Prevention Promotion Center of Kochi University and the National Research Institute for Disaster Prevention Science and Technology, through which repeated experiments led to success in achieving optimum efficiency.
  • Unique soil liquefaction countermeasure structure disperses and releases excess pore water pressure at the bottom of the water tank, preventing levitation and tilting of the water tank even during liquefaction
  • Fully welded steel water tank with excellence in earthquake resistance, pressure resistance, and elasticity
  • Certified by the Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan

Model number: KS40 — I · II · III — LHS
Product size: 4.8m ø×3.75m H
Weight: 12.9t / Material: Steel plating (SS400)
Rust prevention treatment: Modified epoxy resin paint, magnesium anode rod

Reference price: From 6,000,000 yen


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