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Disaster Preparedness Stretcher “Easy Stretcher”
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products元 高知防産第 7 号
A disaster preparedness stretcher easily carried even by women and seniors
Developed especially for regional disaster risk reduction groups / Easy to care for and handle


Daily living

Adopted/Purchased by

Voluntary anti-disaster organizations, companies, manufacturing plants, construction companies, universities, facilities, etc. nationwide

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  • Can be stored vertically to save space
    The storage bag says “stretcher” in large letters
  • Can be used in the conventional way as well as be pulled
  • Waterproof coating that enables dirt to be washed off with water, deters mold, and makes care easy
  • Light, but sturdy construction that enables it to be easily carried even by women and seniors

When unrolled: L180cm × W60cm × Thickness 1.2cm
When stored: Diameter 28cm × Height 70cm
Weight: 3.9kg
Load capacity: 200kg
Carrying capacity: 1-10 people

Open price
Standard specification item: Reference price 35,000 yen
Pictogram specifications: Reference price 40,000 yen

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