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Preserved food can be heated with water only!

Heating agent made with 100% Kochi lime. In emergencies, canned foods and other preserved foods can be heated with water only, either freshwater or salt water, without using gas or electricity. Since the main ingredient of the heating agent is calcium oxide, the heating action causes steam only. As it becomes calcium hydroxide after use, it is an environmental friendly natural-material heating agent.

This product contributes to prevention from global warming through forest maintenance in Kochi Prefecture.
Purchasing this product would be able to offset the volume of 1kg-CO2 exhausted by use of city water by the consumer per day.

■2-Bag Set
Contents: 2 x Heating agent; 2 x Heating bag (small); 2 x Sticker
■4-Bag Set
Contents: 4 x Heating agent; 2 x Heating bag (large); 2 x Heating bag (small); 4 x Sticker

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