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“Heat Lime” Calcium Oxide Heating Agent
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products26 高知防産第 10 号
Heating agent that warms using only water
Having a hot meal after disaster


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Voluntary anti-disaster organizations in Kochi City and Sakai City, Osaka and in the Kanto region

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  • Canned food and retort pouches can be heated just by adding water
  • Eco-friendly natural material heating agent generating only steam during heat generation and changes to calcium hydroxide after use
  • Heating agent using 100% lime from the Kochi region

●2-Bag Set
Contents: Heating agent x 2, heating bag (small) x 2, sticker x 2
Reference price: 630 yen
●4-Bag Set
Contents: Heating agent x 4, heating bag (large) x 2, heating bag (small) x 2, sticker x 4
Reference price: 920 yen
This product contributes to preventing global warming through forest maintenance in Kochi Prefecture. Purchasing this product offsets a volume of 1kg of CO2 emissions from city daily water use.

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