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Gran Grill, Portable grill
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products30 高知防産第 10 号
Grill that easily ignites firewood indoors and outdoors and controls smoke
Keeping warm and boiling water especially in the winter season


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Gran Grill (Floor Size)

  • Entire flame rotates at high speed due to natural convection and suppresses smoke and carbon monoxide emission
  • Generates powerful far-infrared rays that are ideal  for cooking
  • Heats water for emergencies in about half the time
  • compared to a gas stove

Gran Grill (Table Size)

  • Portable grill that is easy to use on tables, but can also be used on floors

Portable Grill

  • High combustion efficiency, flame swirls by natural convection from the sides for nearly complete combustion
  • Uses newspapers to easily ignite materials that are difficult to burn such as charcoal
  • Solid alcohol fuel can also be used

●Gran Grill (Floor Size)
Outer diameter: 36cm, Height: 57cm, Weight: 11kg
Reference price: 98,000 yen

●Gran Grill (Table Size)
Outer diameter: 36cm, Height: 20cm, Weight: 7kg
Reference price: 88,000 yen

●Portable grill (Assembly Type)
Outer diameter: 14.5cm, Height: 18cm, Weight: 970g
Reference price: 14,000 yen
*Assembly time: About 3 minutes


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