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Tasukaru (Helpful) Flower / Tasukaru (Helpful) Greenery
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products2 高知防産第 3 号
Normal time home decor becomes an emergency kit in times of disaster
Preventing you from forgetting where you put your emergency items


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  • Can be enjoyed as a decorative item in normal times, used for disaster risk reduction supplies after a disaster
  • Stores 14 items, including water, candles, toilet paper, and bandages
  • Can also be used as a portable toilet

● Tasukaru (Helpful) Flower (TA-019 Moth orchids, 5 stems)
Height: 70cm, Weight: approx. 3.2kg
Reference Price: 28,800 yen
● Tasukaru (Helpful) Greenery (TG-018 Benjamin fig)
Height: 170cm, Weight: approx. 7kg
Reference Price: 39,800 yen
● Tasukaru (Helpful) Greenery (TG-022 Benjamin fig)
Height: 170cm, Weight: approx. 15kg
Reference Price: 68,960 yen

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