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Automatic Gate Operation System for Land Locks and Horizontal Gates
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 17 号
Safe, secure, and reliable automated gate operation equipment
Closing gates safely even when there is a power outage due to a disaster



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(1) Electric: Used at Kaminokae Fishing Port (Susaki Civil Engineering Office) (2) Gas pressure: Used at Mimase Fishing Port (Kochi Civil Engineering Office), Wakamatsu Town (Kochi Civil Engineering Office), Nomi Fishing Port (Susaki City Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division) (3) Electric/gas pressure hybrid: Used at Nada Fishing Port (Kochi Civil Engineering Office)

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  • Opens, closes, raises, and lowers a gate automatically with a push of a button
  • (1) Electric, (2) Gas pressure, and (3) Electric/gas pressure hybrid drive systems are available ccording to usage conditions

* (1) The electric type can be combined with a generator and back-up power source (suitable for power outage)
* (2) Gas pressure and (3) Electric/gas pressure hybrid types can operate even during power outages
All types are connected to a seismic meter and respond to various remote operations

Reference price:
(1) 12,000,000 yen (electric type)
(2) 13,000,000 yen (gas pressure type)
(3) 14,000,000 yen (electric/gas pressure hybrid type)
*Depends on gate size and specifications.

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