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Omoiyari-gokoro (""Warm Heart"") Dry Mesh Towels
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products
A set of large-sized, non-woven fabric towels you can use to wipe and clean your body, everyday items, and anything around you!
Wiping away any filth that your body, everyday items, and other things acquire during a disaster



Used by hospitals and nursing facilities in and outside Kochi Pref.

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • Can be used in place of regular towels when living in an evacuation shelter
  • Thick and made from non-woven fabric—thus durable and hard to tear
  • Gentle on the skin as they are made from 100% nature-derived materials

Individual package size: 230 mm W x 170 mm L x 240 mm H, 910 g per pack
Sheet size: 300 mm x 500 mm (100 sheets contained per pack)
Reference price: 1,980 yen

Box size: 528 mm x 245 mm x 535 mm (1 box contain 6 packs)

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