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Hypothermia Stretcher
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 37 号
Designed by our disaster prevention instructor! Transport and keep warm at the same time
Those even without experience using a stretcher A stretcher to maintain the victim’s body temperature


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In hospitals, schools, and private companies

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  • Combines functions as a “stretcher” to rescue victims and a “sleeping bag” to maintain body temperature and keeping your strength after disaster
  • Multifunctional stretcher that is light and easy enough for women to use
  • Can be used on stairs and narrow areas where transport is difficult with ordinary stretchers

Size: 780mm W×2,100mm H×20mm D
Packed size: 250mm ø×800 mm
Weight: About 2.5kg
Load capacity: 150kg
Materials: Non-woven fiber, aluminum vapor
deposited sheet
Reference price: 14,000 yen

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