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Simple Multichannel “Ad Hoc Wireless Water Level Gauge”
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products29 高知防産第 7 号
Measures water level at multiple points using a battery-powered water level sensor and license-free wireless transmission
Monitoring water levels at multiple points in places where wiring is difficult, Observing water levels at mutliple points with one device


Ad Hoc


Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

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In municipal governments and plants nationwide

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  • Collects and manages water level data from multiple locations on a single logger using specified low-power wireless communication
  • Compact, lightweight, battery-powered, and can be installed anywhere
  • Can be connected with remote observation systems such as a cloud service

Frequency channels:
10 channels (select from 923.9MHz to 927.5MHz)
Wireless system: Ad hoc mesh network
Water level sensor terminals: Can connect up to 20
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