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TS-Seal Products and Methods
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 27 号
Repair and add earthquake resistance function at joints with special elastic rubber
Fixing cracks on embankments, Taking earthquake resistance and soundproof measures in gutters


Civil engineering/Construction

Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

Adopted/Purchased by

In government agencies, municipal governments, NEXCO, and JR-East

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  • Strong adhesive and highly durable semi-permanent elastic rubber
  • Excellent earthquake resistance and lasting water stoppage
  • Special construction method for water supply and sewage pipes, underground ditch joints, and underground methane explosion proofing joints

●TS Seal
With automatic kneading device
4.4kg set (main agent 4kg + curing agent 0.4kg)
13.2kg set (main agent 12kg + curing agent 1.2kg)
●TS Seal Tape
10mm T×15mm W×3.8m L / 13mm T×15mm W×3.8m L
Mold as necessary according to application, joint
shape, and leak-proofing
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