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Blue Sea Silt Fence
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 26 号
Shut out polluted water from harbors and rivers with fences
Disaster recovery work hampered by turbid water


Civil engineering/Construction

Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

Adopted/Purchased by

In government agencies, municipal governments, and general contractors nationwide

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  • Suppresses the spread of polluted water generated by disaster recovery and environmental conservation work in harbors and rivers
  • Curtains below the floats promote the settling of contaminants
  • Developed from the user's perspective with workability and affordability in mind

SF-101: Float diameter 300mm, Skirt gauge # 300mm, Skirt length 1,000mm

Reference price: 650,000 yen
* Price depends on float diameter, skirt strength, and skirt length. (Also available for rental.)

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