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Stranded Commuter Kit / Stranded Student Kit
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 38 号
Save space by organizing your emergency supplies with a “Stockpile Kit”!
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  • Indispensable box type emergency kit for office and school
  • Save space by distributing supplies and raise awareness of disaster preparation by placing it where it can be seen on a daily basis

●Stranded Commuter Kit A
Size: 230mm W×310mm H×40mm D / Weight: About 500g
Reference price: 3,800 yen
●Stranded Commuter Kit B
Size: 230mm W×310mm H×50mm D / About 700g
Reference price: 4,900 yen
●Stranded Student Kit (for Boys)
Size: 290mm W×70mm H×220mm D / About 920g
Reference price: 5,700 yen
●Stranded Student Kit (for Girls)
Size: 290mm W×70mm H×220mm D / About 1,020g
Reference price: 5,900 yen

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