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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products28 高知防産第 5 号
Rescue request sheet that is laid on the ground to indicate evacuation status (which is difficult to convey simply through gestures or voice) to rescuers above
Communicating the status of isolated evacuees (which cannot be notified via gestures or voice) when there are no means of communication in the area where a disaster has occurred


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Nine municipalities in Kochi Prefecture, elementary, junior high and high schools in Kochi City, Uwajima City and Seiyo City governments in Ehime, Shinshiro City government in Aichi, Matsumoto City government in Nagano, Nachikatsuura Town Office in Wakayama, Naga Town Office in Tokushima, Toyokoro Town Office in Hokkaido, Toyota Motor Hokkaido Inc., Atago Office of Asahi Kasei Chemicals Co., Ltd., Sumida Construction Center [Cooperative Association], and the Ehime branch of NTT West

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  • In a disaster, write on the sheet the number of people at an evacuation site and number of people needing emergency aid to communicate to helicopters or drones being used to check the situation
  • Made of a specially processed non-woven fabric that is resistant to tearing and burning
  • The marker pen can be used in temperature range of 70°C to -15°C even when wet

●Package size: 250mm×380mm×60mm (thickness)
●Weight: About 750g
●Sheet sizes
2,440mm×900mm, 2 sheets
(evacuee sheet / emergency sheet)
1,230mm×900mm, 2 sheets
(spare number entry sheet)
Reference price: 22,000 yen

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