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Open-type Pocket Rock Fall Protection Net “Open Rock Net (ORN Method)”
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products元 高知防産第 3 号
Solving rockfall netting challenges by extending the spaces between the support posts and increasing the structural strength of the net!
Useful if a rockfall net and its support posts are directly hit by the rocks falling along a slope and are seriously damaged and if it is difficult to install support posts at the bottom of a slope


Open Rock Net Method 1

Civil engineering/Construction

Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kochi Prefectural Office, local governmental offices in cities and towns in Kochi Pref., Tokushima Prefectural Office, Wakayama Prefectural Office, and others

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Open Rock Net Method 2
  • It can absorb the energy of falling rocks up to a maximum of 200 kJ.
  • The distance between support posts is widened up to 15 m to prevent direct damage from rocks.
  • The spacing between the wires, as well as the anchors, that hang the net can be extended up to a maximum of 6 m.
  • The rockfall shock dispersion feature installed on support posts prevents the posts from getting directly hit by falling rocks.
  • Cost and labor are reduced by reducing the net height.

Examples of the amount of energy absorbed with the net

●ORN-3.2: absorbs up to a maximum of 60 kJ
●ORN-4.0: absorbs up to a maximum of 150 kJ
●ORN-5.0: absorbs up to a maximum of 200 kJ

Patent number: No. 6550185
Utility model registration number: No. 3222949
Won the Kochi Prefecture Local Industry Award
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