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Geodrain Bio
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 29 号
Prefabricated vertical drains made from plant-derived, non-biodegradable materials
• Wanting to prevent soil subsidence and water-related disasters caused by soil subsidence while minimizing the adverse environmental impact of a vertical drainage system as much as possible


Civil engineering/Construction

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Civil Engineering

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  • These are drains (specially made plastic strips) employed in prefabricated vertical drain methods, which are used to improve soft ground.
  • The drains use sugarcane-derived polyethylene, contributing to the reduction of the amount of crude oil resources used and to the reduction of atmospheric CO2.

Raw materials used: biodegradable materials, natural materials
In-plane per+L6:S11meability coefficient: 1×10⁻² (m/sec) or greater

Reference price: 160 yen/m


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