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NS Mesh type-S / NS Mesh D
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 34 号 (NS Mesh)
28 高知防産第 10 号 (NS Mesh D)
Solves concrete exfoliation in tunnels
Those concerned about falling concrete in tunnels in the event of a disaster


Civil engineering/Construction

Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

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In municipal governments nationwide

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  • Concrete exfoliation prevention and water conveyance materials using high-strength vinylon fiber
  • Has excellent weather resistance and maintains high sustainability for a long time
  • Inconspicuous after installation, and aging and deformation can be visually tracked

●NS Mesh type-S
2,000㎜ H×600㎜ W (1.20㎡) /sheet
2,000㎜ H×1,000㎜ W (2.00㎡) /sheet
2,000㎜ H×1,100㎜ W (2.20㎡) /sheet
●NS Mesh D
D300, Water conveyance width 300㎜:2,100㎜ H×415㎜ W×20㎜ D Weight 2.4kg
D450, Water conveyance width 450㎜:2,100㎜ H×565㎜ W×20㎜ D Weight 3.8kg
D850, Water conveyance width 850㎜:2,100㎜ H×965㎜ W×20㎜ D Weight 6kg
Reference price *Anchors and washers not included
●NS Mesh type-S: 9,850 yen/㎡
●NS Mesh D
D300, Water conveyance width 300㎜: 7,300 yen
D450, Water conveyance width 450㎜: 8,700 yen
D850, Water conveyance width 850㎜: 13,800 yen

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