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Omoiyari-gokoro Oral Cleansing Wipes
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products2 高知防産第 13 号
Use for oral care when there’s no water because of a disaster, water outage, etc.!
Wanting to maintain good oral health during a disaster or a water outage When the sink at the evacuation site is crowded (you are worried about close contact)


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Nursing homes, hospitals in Kochi Prefecture, etc.

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • Mesh-type oral cleansing wipes are tough, soft, and thoroughly wipe teeth clean
  • Contains xylitol and 3 types of moisturizing agents
     Alcohol-free with a refreshing mint fragrance
  • Lightweight and easy to carry!
  • Integrated manufacturing in Kochi Prefecture starts with making the wipes and ends with packaging

Container size: Diameter 80mm × Height 162mm, Weight: 215g
Wipe (contents) size: 140mm × 180mm, 40 count
Reference price: 400 yen
Case size: 335mm × 260mm × 178mm (1 case contains 12 pcs)

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