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Noroflu Disposable Toilet Seat Cover
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Antibacterial, flushable, and adhesive—Why not use it on toilet seats in evacuation shelters!
Use it when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable about sitting on toilet seats in public bathrooms, such as those in parks and evacuation centers


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As a merchandise in drug stores, a complimentary gift and disaster supply kits in companies

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  • Allows you to use a toilet without your skin directly touching its seat by placing it on the seat
  • Very hygienic as a type of paper containing antibacterial ingredients is used for each sheet
  • User-friendly package design with clear explanations using pictures and multiple languages
  • Can be flushed down the toilet (verified via paper dissolve quality test)

Package size: Length 80 mm, Width 105 mm, Thickness 9 mm (20 g)
Sheet size: 380 mm x 430 mm (7 sheets per pack)
Reference price: 225 yen

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