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Megane-bashi Bridge
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products
A bridge with excellent durability and a high level of safety that can be built only in one day
Wanting a strong ""instant bridge"" or a durable, temporal emergency bridge that can serve as a pathway in a forest or can provide safe passage for vehicles and people for their daily activities at the time of a disaster


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Civil Engineering

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Used in Nankoku City, Kochi (Japan), Nghe An Province in Vietnam

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  • It is a strong ""instant bridge"" that can be constructed at low cost in a short period of time.
  • If its bridge length is 10 m or less, even a large truck will be able to drive over it—it is a structurally safe bridge.
  • Its material costs are greatly reduced by utilizing used steel pipes for its beams.

10 m × 3 m 6 tons: 5,000,000 yen
20 m × 3 m 12 tons:10,000,000 yen
30 m × 3 m 18 tons:15,000,000 yen

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