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Self-propelling Assembly Platform
Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products27 高知防産第 5 号
Workvessel for construction work and disaster recovery that can approach from the water
Enabling disaster recovery work in seas, rivers, shallow waters, and low spaces



Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

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7 cases across Kochi Prefecture

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  • Hull is divided into four parts, and assembles/disassembles in a short time of one hour, allowing work to start immediately
  • Excellent turning with two engines mounted on the stern for smooth movement
  • Can be self-propelled without a load if the water depth is at least 60cm, allowing for dredging work in shallow waters
  • Can also work in low spaces where ordinary work vessels cannot enter

Size: 9,000mm W×11,500mm D×1,500mm H
Draft: 600mm without a load / 800mm with a load
Engine: Two 66PS mounted
Registered small work vessel
Transportation: 4 large trucks or 4 40-foot containers (overseas)
Price: Contact us, separate consultation
*For division of hull into 4 parts
Construction: Separate consultation (depends on conditions)

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