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Workvessel for construction works and disaster restoration and reconstruction

It has a composition that the vessel body can be divided into 4 portions and can be assembled within a short time of one hour, and therefore, restoration works can be started immediately. Equipped with two engines, the vessel is excellent in turning and can move smoothly. As it is self-propellable without a load if the water depth is 60cm at a minimum, it can cope with dredging works etc. in a shallow place. Further, it can perform works at a low spatial location where a normal workvessel cannot go in.

Size: 11,500mm D x 9,000mm W x 1,500mm H
Draft: 600mm without a load and 800mm with a load
Engine: Equipped with 2 x 66ps
Registered as a small-size workvessel
Transportation: 4 large-size trucks or 4 40-feet containers (overseas)

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