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84 Chair-type Toilet, 84 Compact Toilet Storage Wide Type
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products28 高知防産第 17 号 (Chair-type Toilet)
30 高知防産第 2 号 (Compact Toilet Storage Wide Type)
Durable and safe wooden toilets at home and in evacuation shelters!
Disasters when flush toilets, electricity, and water are not available Increasing the number of toilets at shelters when they are insufficient


Daily living


Municipal governments, voluntary anti-disaster organizations, schools and individual customers nationwide

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  • 84 Chair-type Toilet can be used as a Western-style toilet with 45L trash bags even without water
  • Easy to use, just take off the lid from the seat and cover it with a trash bag!
  • Can be used daily even outside times of disaster, and as a useful seat or platform
  • 84 Compact Toilet Storage Wide Type is compact at 72 mm thick when stored
  • Use of bolts and wing nuts eliminates the need for tools, making assembly easy

■84 Chair-type Toilet
Size: 300mm W×360mm D×352mm H
Reference price: Colored 5,000 yen / Plain 4,000 yen
■84 Compact Toilet Storage Wide Type
Size: When stored, 313mm W×355mm D×72mm H
When assembled, 313mm W×355mm D×340mm H
Reference price: 4,000 yen

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