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“condolence” Human Remains Pouch
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products28 高知防産第 4 号
Retains the dignity of the deceased after disaster and eases the psychological stress of the bereaved and rescuers
Preparing the body for storage, transportation, and confirmation after disaster


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  • The inner bag has a small window that shows the face, a small window for the site verification sheet (made of special paper), and a small window for belongings
  • Carrying on shoulders (with included belts) is stable and reduces load

Outer bag: Stretcher for multipurpose transport / Size 230cm×80cm
Inner bag: Bag for remains / Size 230cm×100cm
Both can be folded for compact storage

Reference price: Outer bag 23,000 yen
Inner bag 12,000 yen

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