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Multilight System
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 9 号
High-performance multi-use lighting system for disaster recovery, sports, and events
Brightening various situations from disaster recovery, to construction sites, sports, and events



Adopted/Purchased by

Kochi Prefecture and private companies

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • Can be used in various situations with different purposes and environments, including disaster sites, event venues, etc.
  • Uses an ordinary crane and generator to install; the installation method (hanging type, suspension type) and brightness are adaptable, depending on intended use
  • Can immediately be used simply by hanging up; installation/removal is easy.

●1 Panel
Size: 3,890mm W×1,060mm H×875mm D / 500kg
Light output: 5 lights×2kW
Rental price: 600,000 yen/month
Price: Contact us
●2 Panels
Size: 3,890mm W×2,130mm H×875mm D / 1,040kg
Light output: 10 lights×2kW
Required equipment: 12t rafter class crane recommended
Power source: 200V 25KVA or higher
Transport vehicle: Standard 4t truck (1 Panel×2 plus connector brackets)
Price: Contact us


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