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Wireless Crane Camera Wireless Site Observation Camera
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products26 高知防産第 6 号 (Wireless Crane Camera)
26 高知防産第 20 号 (Wireless On-site Observation Camera)
Safe and secure! Wireless crane and site observation cameras that eliminate blind spots
Risk management in deep hole drilling construction by using cranes in case there are no other ways to confirm construction progress visually.


Civil engineering/Construction

Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

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Yodenko Co. (Kagawa Prefecture), Tower Line Solution Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), Shikoku Electric Power Transmission Construction Company (Tokushima Prefecture), RECS Inc. (Hyogo Prefecture), Sapporo Industry Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido), Nikken Corporation (Tokyo), Onakagumi Co., Ltd. (Okinawa Prefecture), and other crane companies, construction management companies and rental companies nationwide

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  • Can be viewed by operators to improve the safety of hole drilling constructions
  • Observe from a safe place with the wireless site observation camera
  • Easy installation and faster work
  • Visually check surroundings with a wireless camera and intercom (transceiver) even if there are intercom system problems

Camera unit: 200 mm W x 100 mm D x 300 mm H, Weight 2.8 kg
Monitor unit: 285 mm W x 180 mm D x 110 mm H, Weight 2.5 kg
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