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Reusable prefabricated single-pier steel modular bridge

The Implant Bell Cap Bridge is a prefabricated single-pier steel bridge which can be rapidly built and dismantled at a low cost. With the bell cap multi stress dispersion system, bearing capacity and lateral resistance of the piers are drastically increased. Thus, the embedded depth of tubular piles can be reduced by the increased stress dispersion effect of the bell cap.
This bridge is particularly suitable for use as a temporary bridge (for later use), or when construction conditions are difficult, due to limited access, above water, space restrictions or inclined commencing surfaces etc.

・Bridge Width:6.0m
・Live Load:Live Load Condition A (Japanese Specifications)
・Bridge Deck:Steel Deck (2.0m x 6.0m) W=3.6t
・Structural Members:Tubular Pile 800mm O.D.12mm w.t. L=12.0m (Standard) W=2.8t
           Bell Cap 2,200mm O.D. x H850mm W=1.3t
           Main Crossbeam (H0.35m x W6.2m x D1.05m) W=2.9t


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