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Flushable Recirculating Toilet Recykurun
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 25 号 (Recykurun)
25 高知防産第 15 号 (Recyclun Transportable)
Comfortable flush toilet that can be used without water
Toilets that can be used even without water or power after disaster!



Adopted/Purchased by

Kagawa Prefectural Government and various local governments in Kochi Pref., such as Nakatosa Town Office, Yusuhara Town Office, Otsuki Town Office, Hidaka Village Office, and Motoyama Town Office, and used in wind power plants and areas along the Shimanto River and the Niiyodo River

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  • Comfortable flush toilet can be installed even in places without sewage systems
  • Easy installation just by loading on a truck and installing it immediately anywhere
  • Can be used as public toilets even during normal times at parks, mountains, riverbeds, and sightseeing spots

Depth: 4.0 m, Width: 2.3 m, Height: 3.0 m
Reference price: 6,300,000 to 9,500,000 yen

Optional equipment: Solar Electricity Generation System, Rainwater Recycling System

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