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Flushable Recirculating Toilet "Recykurun" "Recykurun Transportable" Products for organizations, companies
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products

24 高知防産第 25 号 (Recykurun)
25 高知防産第 15 号 (Transportable)

The toilets that show high performance in a disaster while being used routinely

The dirty water used in toilets will be treated and filtered by the original processing method and repeatedly used as clean water for flushing. Therefore, nothing is exhausted and there is no need for a sewage system. It can be used as it is at the time of suspension of water supply or power failure in a disaster.
As the transportable type does not require civil engineering works, it can reduce the construction cost drastically and may be installed in a building or in an inner-city narrow premise. The running cost after installation will also be economical. As it is possible to contribute greatly to preservation of water resources and the environment, it can be broadly utilized in the event of a disaster, for the environment conservation, etc.

Underground Installation Type with Standard Specifications
Men's: 1 toilet, 2 urinals, 1 sink
Women's: 2 toilets, 1 sink
Dimensions: 4,500mm W x 3,500mm H x 2,900mm D

■Recykurun Transportable
Dimensions: 7.6m2 (2,300mm x 3,300mm) 4,000mm H
Installation Place: School, Park, Mountainous region, Evacuation meeting area

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