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Motor Fog Compact Electric Sprayer
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 31 号
Exterminates bugs in the event of a disaster! Compact Electric Sprayer
Dealing with bugs such as mosquitoes and flies outdoors and in shelters during evacuation




In nursing homes, food processing companies, nationwide agricultural producers, and livestock breeders nationwide

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  • Fine-particle spray of medicinal solution with mean particle diameter of 22 μm*
  • Dispenses at initial speed of 90 m/sec.; the directed air diffuses fine particles into the distance to improve the deposit efficiency of the medicinal solution!
    *Mean particle diameter at 25 cm in front of nozzle

Size: 220mm W×430mm D×310mm H
Weight: 5.9kg *Dry weight of container including 2L tank
Power consumption: 1,050W
Commercial power supply: 100V AC
Stainless steel chassis
Reference price: 290,000 yen (agricultural specifications)
Patent number: 5517139

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