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24 高知防産第 31 号

Useful for exterminating insects in unsanitary locations during disasters.

A compact electric sprayer with a high revolution motor and a simply constructed spray nozzle. In a disaster, it is possible to spray spawning grounds of mosquitoes and flies. Light and compact, it is portable and easy to maintain. It creates fine mists, making it possible to spray to relatively distant areas and can be used to spray deodorants or to humidify floors as well. For greenhouse cultivation, spraying in fine mist in spreading the solvent of fertilizer or microbial material onto the surface of leaves will be useful to raise yields. Patent Pending

Use 100V AC commercial power supply.
Power Consumption: 1,050W
Dimensions: 220mm W x 310mm H x 430mm D
Weight: approx. 5.6kg
Specifications with Stainless Steel Chassis

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