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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Stop! slope disaster. Clarifying slope deformation, the product works actively in confirming safety, managing construction, etc.

The product is an extensometer with graph enabling any person at any time to confirm data on the site. With the LCD screen and the operation buttons at the easy-to-view location, it is possible not only to confirm the present location as a matter of course but also to confirm hourly or daily movement amount on the graph and further to set an alarm value etc. easily. Besides, it is also possible to collect the data by an SD card. With the diversified alarm output functions, it is possible to construct a local alarm according to the alarm level or a remote monitoring system when combined with peripheral devices.

Measurable range: 0 to 1,000mm
Resolution: 0.1mm
External dimension: 130mm W x 130mm H x 216mm D
Weight: 1.6kg

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