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Hypoallergenic Gourmet Canned Food
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products27 高知防産第 12 号
Emergency foods you will want to eat in your everyday life
Eating delicious food even after disaster



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Local governments(Shimanto City, Geisei Village, Shimanto Town, Kuroshio Town), voluntary anti-disaster organizations, private businesses, etc.

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • All products do not contain 7 major allergenic ingredients (eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, crab)
  • Carefully manufactured entirely by hand to look delicious
  • Stocks are used for everyday cooking by arranging as ingredients
  Product name Weight Reference price
(excluding tax):
Bonito and mushrooms simmered in tomato sauce 90g JPY 380
Bonito aspic with ginger and Japanese dashi 95g JPY 410
Fatty amberjack and radish flavored with yuzu 95g JPY 417
Bonito and olives 90g JPY 417
Bonito and bamboo shoots in garlic oil 95g JPY 417
Kuroshio oil and bonito 90g JPY 417
Kuroshio oil and tuna 90g JPY 417
Kuroshio oil with tuna and mushrooms 100g JPY 417
Soft and fresh chestnuts in brown sugar 95g JPY 361
Rich chocolate made with brown sugar 95g JPY 324
Tosa Hachikin chicken with yuzu salt 95g JPY 602
Tosa Hachikin chicken with balsamic sauce 90g JPY 602
Shimanto pork in spring onion and salt sauce 90g JPY 648
Shimanto pork grilled with salt and pepper 80g JPY 648
Shimanto pork and burdock stew 90g JPY 648
Shimanto sweetfish and ginger stew 90g JPY 880
Shimanto sweetfish in garlic oil 90g JPY 880
Patty of the fish green pepper jelly 100g JPY 417

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