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5-year preservable drinking water bottle containing Muroto deep-seawater

Stockpiling Water is manufactured at a factory whose food safety management systems have been certified under the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Care Point) and ISO22000 standards. The basic ingredient is clean deep-seawater collected off the coast of Muroto, Kochi Prefecture. Two types of Stockpiling Water are available. Junsui water is highly purified by desalinating it through reverse osmosis filtering. It can be used not only for drinking and cooking but also for taking medicine and making baby formula. Kosui is hard water that contains 5 mg of magnesium and 1.8 mg of calcium per 100 ml, giving it a hardness of 250 after natrium is removed from the original deep-seawater.

Bottle size: 2 liters and 500 milliliters

AKO KASEI CO., LTD. Deep-Seawater Plant

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