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Emergency Signs, High Luminous Signs
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 24 号(Emergency Signs)
元 高知防産第 4 号(High Luminous Signs)
Signs that can be installed in a short time with a design that considers visibility
Raising awareness of evacuation sites and disaster risk reduction during normal times, Guidance to evacuation sites smoothly even if a disaster occurs at night



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In tsunami evacuation towers in coastal towns inside and outside of Kochi Prefecture

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

Emergency Signs

  • Good workability and can be installed quickly
  • Large font size for visibility
  • Reflective sheeting allows the entire sign to be visible when lit at night, and information can be clearly read

High Luminous Signs

  • Uses water-resistant luminous materials for long-term outdoor use
  • Complies with JIS standards and maintains the brightness of Outdoor Class II even after 10 years

Reference price (for Highly Phosphorescent Signs)
800mm W×1200mm H, 600mm W×900mm H, 400mm W×600mm H
*Thickness depends on the size and installation environment.
*Sizes are available upon consultation.

Reference price *Other expenses separate
For a reflective sheeting signboard (300mm W×400mm H): 5,700 yen
For a highly phosphorescent signboard (400mm W×600mm H): 200,000 yen

(Note) The price depends on the quantity and installation environment.

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