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Five-year to Seven-year storage water, made with 100% Murto deep-seawater

Bottles in the size of 500mL and 2L are prepared for each purpose of use. Heat treatment has enabled storage for 5 years to 7 years. As it is softened water (hardness of 28mg/L), it can be used at ease for baby formula preparation and for taking medicine. The expiration date is displayed prominently on the outer carton. It contains concentrated Muroto deep-sea minerals.

Carton Size:
500mL: 369mm W x 220mm H x 248mm D
2L: 331mm W x 319mm H x 186mm D

Nutritional Information (per 100mL):
Calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate: 0
Sodium: 4.8mg; Calcium: 0.16mg; Magnesium 0.55mg; Potassium: 0.19mg

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