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This safe and sure system uses LP gas to make potable water and generate electricity.

It is difficult to secure and operate separate machines to produce water and electricity in disaster emergency situations. Instead, easy-to-operate machines with multiple functions are required.
· Water
Water purification machine uses a reverse osmosis membrane system to make drinking water safe by removing bacteria and other harmful substances.
· Electricity
Electricity generator with a maximum power of 5kw operates on LP gas. It can be connected to the power distribution panel of buildings for use as a private power generator.

· Water purification
Reverse osmosis membrane system
Purification capacity: 50 liters/hour (potable water)

· Electricity generate
Single-phase type: Single-phase 100v/200v
Three-phase type: Three-phase 200v/Single-phase 100v
Maximum power: 5kw

Fuel: LP gas
Air-cooled: 4 cycles 277cc
Size: H690mm x W815mm x D620mm
Weight: 97kg

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