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Chaff Charcoal Emergency Fuel Stockpile “Ittokan”
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products2 高知防産第 16 号
Amazing burn time! Burns 3 times longer than firewood!
When you want heat or to cook after a disaster, you can build a fire for many hours in place of electricity or gas.


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  • Environmentally friendly solid fuel made from 100% rice hulls from Kochi Prefecture that doesn’t emit nitrogen or sulfur oxide when burned
  • Burns for a long time (approx. 90 min. per stick)
  • Can be stored for approx. 5 years (when stored in a dry place)
  • Emergency Fuel Stockpile “Ittokan” is a set of chaff charcoal and accessories

● Chaff Charcoal (1 stick): Diameter 6cm x Length 10cm
● Emergency Fuel Stockpile “Ittokan” 1 case (includes 10kg of chaff charcoal): L24cm × W24cm × H35cm
Reference price: 2,500 yen

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