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Portable Emergency Kit "Kurumeru 7-piece Set" Products for individuals, general customers
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Light and easy-to-carry, readily usable and stylish, portable emergency kit

A portable emergency kit in the size of a personal organizer thought out by a Lady Bousaisi (Disaster Prevention Specialist) who "wants to smartly carry an emergency kit routinely." It is light in weight as the cover is made of Tosa crumpled-paper processed non-woven fabric. It contains 7 pieces: an LED small light, a whistle, a wound plaster, wet towel for disinfection, a urine removal pad common for man and woman and a rescue sheet.Products and bags can be selected and customized for ladies, men and the elderly, in accordance with their requirements.

■Packaging: 180mm W x 70mm D x 190mm H
■Spread: 175mm W x about 25mm D x 158mm H
■Weight: 210g


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