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Mechanical Eco-Cutter, Hydraulic Eco-Cutter
Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products29 高知防産第 1 号 (Mechanical Eco-Cutters)
29 高知防産第 2 号 (Hydraulic Eco-Cutters)
Attachment for hydraulic excavators that crushes waste plastic and wood
Efficiently cleaning up large amounts of waste materials after disaster



Also recommended for

Civil Engineering


By industrial waste disposers nationwide

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Hydraulic Eco-Cutter
  • High efficiency with double-row cutters for cutting into thirds, compared to a single-row cutters that cut into halves
  • The cutter blade can be rotated and is economical
  • Mechanical type does not require hydraulic piping on the shovel side (opening/closing with the bucket cylinder)
  • Hydraulic type tilts up and down for high work efficiency (reciprocating piping for opening/closing is required on the shovel side)
●Mechanical Type
Shovel weight (t) Model Weight (kg) Opening width (mm) Punching width (mm)
6~8 C-250P 365 428 180
10~14 C-450P 710 535 244
12~21 C-700 1,200 620 277
●Hydraulic Type
Shovel weight (t) Model Weight (kg) Opening width (mm) Punching width (mm)
6~8 HC-250P 560 445 180
10~14 HC-450P 1,000 535 244
12~21 HC-700P 1,450 620 277

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