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29 高知防産第 1 号 (Mechanical Eco-Cutters)
29 高知防産第 2 号 (Hydraulic Eco-Cutters)



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’Crushing’ as our mission, we explore the contemporary age through our state-of-the-art technology

This is an industrial waste disposal machine used for crushing waste wood and tires. The shovel can be replaced easily by changing special pins and bushes, as this machine uses an eccentric bush. Used by various industrial waste treatment centers throughout Japan, it has received very positive evaluations.

■Features of Mechanical Type Machines
・Right side and left side double-row cutters are able to chew waste up more efficiently than a single row cutter. The chevron arrangement grabs an object and will not release it.
・The economic removable cutter blade can change its orientation so that the four sides can be used.
・The cutter blade can be easily repositioned to adjust the gap using a shim.
・No hydraulic pipes are necessary for attachments, so the initial cost can be reduced to a minimum.

■Features of Hydraulic Type Machines
・In addition to the features of mechanical type machines, the shovels of hydraulic type machines can be tilted up and down for enhanced work efficiency, – the shovel in mechanical type machines is fixed to the arm at a set angle.

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