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Tsunami Evacuation Shelter
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Civil Engineering

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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products25 高知防産第 5 号
The last measurement to survive a tsunami
Those who have difficulty evacuating on their own due to nighttime disaster



Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

DRR Planning


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In a total of 13 cases across Kochi, Osaka, and Nagoya Prefectures

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  • Less rolling when moving on water because the bottom of the craft is flat
  • Proven safe with experiments for dropping, collision, and rising from a fallen state
  • Can be placed in a garden and used as a children’s playground or storage for valuables during normal times

Size: 2,900mm W×1,600mm H×1,900mm D
Weight: 0.5t
Load capacity: 300kg (4 adults and 2 children)
Standard equipment: Watering line, oars, seat belts,
stools, staircase storage
Optional accessories:
Watering pump, seawater desalination filtration system,
outboard motor, life buoy, hatchet, rope, camping trailer
Product inspection standards in 2005 based on the
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, The International Convention for the
Safety of Life at Sea, International Maritime Organization,
International Life Saving Appliance Code
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