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A floating platform that saves working space

This platform saves working space for inspecting bridges, and moves on the water surface without restricting traffic, unlike on-road bridge inspection. Repairing a bridge typically requires establishment of a working platform and scaffolding, requiring 2 to 4 months each for building and for removal. This product can be built up and removed in a much shorter time.

・Size: 9.5 m (W) x 6.7 m (D) x 1.5 m (H)
・Loading capacity for workers: 12 workers
・Construction vehicle: Self-propelled to move itself on the water
・Assembling-type barge fixed with pins
・Barge components are carried by 4 10-ton trucks and assembled/disassembled at site.
・Speed: 5 knots (propelled by two engines (each 66 ps)
・Loading and carrying capacity: 37 ton
・Required water depth: 60 cm, self-propelled

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