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Floating Platform for Bridge Inspection and Repair
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Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products29 高知防産第 10 号
Floating platform that saves workspace
Inspecting and repairing bridges that can’t be approached from surrounding roads damaged due to disaster


Floating Platform for Bridge Inspection and Repair


Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

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  • Work with the minimum required space
  • Move to the inspection point on the water without traffic restrictions
  • Work faster with short times for assembly and disassembly

Size: 9.5m W×6.7m D×1.5m H
Load capacity for workers: 12 (the maximum takes into account material transportation in the event of a disaster)
Self-propelled work vehicle (assumes heavy equipment is launched from water to land)
Split assembly-type floating barge fixed with one-touch pins (allows transport to sites even if entry from rivers is not possible)
Components are transported by 4 10-ton trucks and assembled/disassembled on site (2 hours)
Registered small vessel (Japan Craft Inspection Organization) less than 20 tons
Speed: 5 knots (2 engines mounted (66 ps each))
Loading and carrying capacity: 37 tons
Required water depth: 60cm, self-propelled

Reference price: 82,000,000 yen (main unit price *For the size above)

*Other sizes: Separate consultation

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