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Non-electric Tsunami Countermeasure Automatic Tide Gate Closedown Device with Emergency Stop
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products27 高知防産第 3 号
Catches earthquake information, and then closes automatically to stop tsunamis
Automatically preventing tsunami damage in the event of a disaster



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In the Yoshikawa Fishing Port gate in Konan City

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • Automatically closes landlock gates when detecting shakes at a JMA seismic intensity of 5 upper or higher
  • Secures safety because the automatic stop operates when it comes into contact with a person or object
  • Prevents secondary disasters such as fire and electric shock during power outages
  • Reduces cost because it can be installed on existing gates and does not use a power supply

It is custom-made based on location, whether or not the gate is new or existing. If the landlock gate is 4m wide, 1m high, and weighs about 1 ton, the weight of the AS system will be about 2 to 3 tons.
Reference price: For landlock gate 4m×1m
About 9,000,000 yen
For new construction including the gate
About 16,000,000 yen
* Please contact us as the amount depends on the length,
height, and weight of the landlock gate.

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