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MYWET Disinfectant Wipes 350 count (with container/refill)
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products2 高知防産第 15 号
Large quantity of disinfectant wipes that easily clean and thoroughly disinfect just by wiping!
Disinfecting things that get dirty during a disaster and for hygiene management at evacuation centers


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Elementary/junior high schools, medical facilities, and restaurants in Kochi Prefecture, etc.

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • Large quantity with 350 count
  • Thoroughly disinfects even when disinfectant spray can’t be used
  • Can be used as a countermeasure against infection at evacuation sites through alcohol and benzalkonium chloride

● Container (bucket) size: Diameter 200mm × Height 195mm, Weight: 1,815g
Non-woven wipes (contents) size: 160mm × 170mm, 350 count
Reference price: 1,980 yen
● Refill pack: 150mm × 150mm × 160mm, Weight: 1,565g
Non-woven wipes (contents) size: 160mm × 170mm, 350 count
Reference price: 1,480 yen

Case size (buckets): 396mm × 210mm × 410mm (1 case contains 4 buckets)
Case size (refill pack): 440mm × 188mm × 358mm (1 case contains 6 packs)

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