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Devices Connecting the Wireless Transmission of Signals
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products
Enabling speedy wireless transmission of sensor signals
Securing safety and enabling restoration to be conducted quickly at low cost at places facing risks from natural hazards, such as debris flows


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Government agencies, construction consultants, construction companies and others throughout the country

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  • On-off signals from sensors that have detected natural hazard phenomena, such as debris flows, are sent immediately to alarming devices with the special low-power wireless transmission technology.
  • Their small-sized, simple design allows them to be operated easily only with switches.
  • Bidirectional transmission between the transmitter and receiver guarantees high transmission reliability.
  • The transmitter can be operated with a set of ordinary lithium batteries and can be continuously used more than a year without changing these batteries.

Receiver: approx. 800 g (144 mm W x 182 mm H x 75 mm D)
Transmitter: approx. 1,600 g (125 mm W x 286 mm H x 94 mm D)

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