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Mask Kirei Sheet (Disposable mask liners)
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products2 高知防産第 7 号
Liners for masks Change daily for daily cleanliness
Solving a shortage of masks after a disaster / Preventing makeup from staining the inside of masks / Eliminating worries about skin problems caused by paper masks


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  • Disposable liners for masks made of non-woven materials, cloth, etc.
  • Uses 3 layers of non-woven fabric made of natural cellulose that is gentle on the skin. Reduces pilling and itchiness
  • The liner is folded into fourths for resilience and spring so that it doesn’t shift inside the mask and can be used comfortably all day
  • Comes in a zippered pouch that is hygienic and convenient to carry. Put it in a disaster preparedness backpack for emergencies

Base size: 170mm × 170mm (folded into fourths)
● Individual package (20 count, with zippered plastic pouch) size: W140mm × D170 mm × H30 mm, Weight: 35g
Suggested retail price: 300 yen
● Case (100 count) size: W740mm × D290mm × H280mm, Weight: approx. 4.3kg
Suggested retail price: 30,000 yen

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