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“Cstream-1” High-performance Ultra-small Turgo Turbine Generator Products for organizations, companies
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Independent accumulator-type small hydraulic power generation system Most suitable as reserve power supply in a disaster !

The product is a high-performance ultra-small turgo turbine generator performing power generation by rotating a water turbine dynamo with hydraulic force. It has the characteristic that the rotation energy of the turgo turbine is converted efficiently to electricity by the inner-rotor coreless generator and the electric control section giving a charge of electricity to a storage battery at the maximum electric power. When a general electric apparatus is used, the electricity converted from the storage battery to 100V AC by the inverter will be used.

Output Power: 200W Max. Output Voltage: 240VDC
Outer Diameter (Body): 240mm W x 240mm D x 258mm H
Water-Guide Pipe: 40 dia. (1 1/2”)

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