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Ground surface inclinometer equipped with low-power wireless sensor network

The product is a measuring device that implements grasping of deformation in “plane” from the conventional measurement of “spot”. Long-term observation is possible without the need of commercial power supply with strong-to-disturbance configuration because of connection with the mesh-type wireless network between measurement devices and our unique power-saving design.

Logger: NetBC-30L 275 W x 416 H x 160 D
Sensor: NetBC-30S
Radio unit … 125 W x 411 H x 102 D
Detector unit … 80 W x 55 H x 30 D
Recording: X-axis/Y-axis inclination angle (Measurement range: +/- 30 deg.; Resolution: 0.01 deg.)
Synthetic inclination angle (in the unit of 0.1 deg.)
Accumulated alarm output

NETIS (New Technology Information System) Registration No. SK-160012-A

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